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How To Complain  
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When you decide to complain, please consider the following:
Go to the seller’s shop where you bought the product and try to resolve the problem friendly
If you decided to complain, please call Consumer Protection Department (hyperlink of contact details) in order to carry out all legal proceedings required to protect your rights.
Go directly to Consumer Protection Department to submit your complaint and discuss it with one of the competent employees as consumer protection is the responsibility of all members of the society.
Don’t forget to bring all documents (documents hyperlink) required to submit your complaint. Any complaint shall be submitted in writing and well-documented.

* (Consumer Protection Department shall not take any fees in consideration of receiving consumer complaints or carrying out the procedures to resolve them).

Contacts hyperlink
Toll-free: 800500
Hot line: 44945500 / 44945550
Ministry Tel: 44945555
SMS: 92665
Please send your complaint or suggestion + the word (consumer)
FAX: 44932004
E-mail: cpd@mbt.gov.qa
Website: www.mbt.gov.qa

Required Documents Link
Complainer name, address, job title annexed to supportive documents
Name of the party against which you submit your complaint, his address, work nature, violation type and place of complain
A detailed statement of damage caused to the complainers, if available
A copy of the invoice must be presented when submitting the complaint. Without the original invoice or a copy thereof, Consumer Protection Department will not be able to consider the complaint

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