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Registration & Commercial Licenses  
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Department of Commercial Registration &. Licenses is responsible to:

1. Strengthen close relations with traders, investors and businessmen. It protects and facilitates their transactions in co-ordination with other competent authorities inside and outside the Ministry.
2. Register and license commercial establishments and free professions (such as clinics, bureaus and other establishments) to contribute to commercial development and protection of the public and open the door in front of commercial investments.
3. Organize commercial transactions and procedures governing various parties’ relations, such as registration of trade agencies, trademarks, trade brands and names, industrial prototypes and geographical Indications.


Head of Department: Mr. Mohammad Salem Al Kuwari

1. Commercial Registration Section – Head of Section: Rashid Jumahan Al-Turki
2. Trade Agencies Section – Head of Section: Ghanim Shaheen Al Ghanim
3. Industrial Property Section – Head of Section: Sheikh Fahd Bin Eid Al-Thani – Acting

Key Functions

Department of Commercial Registration &. Licenses is responsible to:

Implement regulations and laws governing commercial affairs, especially commercial registrations, trade appointed agents, commercial professions, companies, accounts auditing profession, trade names, trademarks and trade data, industrial charts and prototypes and geographical indications and designs.
Record and monitor any activities related to the Commercial Registry and Trade Agents Register.
Record economic, professional and craftsmanship activities.
Issue commercial licenses related to business practices.
Monitor market regulation and control in co-ordination with competent authorities.
Consider and review license applications of commercial activities and express opinion thereto.
Prepare accountants records, register accounts audit bureaus, and monitor their activities as contemplated by the applicable law.
Organize accounts audit profession and approved accounting principles and mechanisms.
Track cases that involve assignment of trademarks and transfer of ownerships and license contracts.
Endorse Qatari, GCC, Arab and international certificates of origin.
Review trade agencies contracts and ensure they meet the predefined conditions and requirements.
Track and implement terms and conditions related to the principle of reciprocity with other countries that export goods and commodities and have local approved agents in Qatar.

Amiri Decree No (38) of 2009
Article (41) of Ministerial Order No ( ) of 2009

Location (Map)

9th Floor - Administration
1st Floor – Commercial Registration Section
Ground Floor – Commercial Licenses Section
Ministry of Business &. Trade HQ

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